Sabatine’s Birthday Bash @ Cool Cat

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Sabatine’s Birthday Bash @ Cool Cat

So if is Saba’s birthday is Techno of course…
So join us on the 23rd of June @ Cool Cat for the best party of the year:) There will be Cornel Iosif , Solomon, Me(Sabatine) and a special guest all the way from Venesuela 😉 actually the best Techno DJ there is over there 😉 Soo here he is!


Considered by the European public as dj revelation of south american techno. Works with record labels Criminal Records (Italy), B.A.B.A Records (Austria), GTA Records (Austria), Akrobatika Records (Croatia), Dots Records (Ukraine), Miami techno (Usa) & Alíen Force Digital Label de Macedonia / UK.

Guest with high demand, to present his international radio sets in countries such as: Germany, England, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, Spain, Serbia, Argentina & Mexico

Starting with year 2010 K-MEL made himself known at internationally level; thanks to the track 2000 watt wich belongs to the dj/ producer Brian Sanhaji (Germany). Jaime Herrera made a remix that was edited as 2000 Watt (K-MEL re-edit). In spite of not being a remix of the track, because he hadn’t the tools, won and reached the hearts of European and American public this being a big step in his career.

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